About us

International Pairs run by World Golf Tournaments (WGT) is a South African registered company based in Cape Town. In the early parts of 2018 the co-founders of World Golf Tournaments (WGT) Gerhard Conradie and Johan Scholtz obtained the rights from Golf Partners World Wide for the International Pairs and the Transatlantic Teams Challenge.

The WGT directors have more than 40 years combined golf administration experience Nationally and Internationally. Their passion and commitment to bring golf events to the handicap-registered amateur club golfer has seen them run the International Pairs event in South Africa over the last four years.

WGT’s sister company, ASM (African Sports Management) have run the Windhoek Lager International Pairs in South Africa for the last five years and this event has now become the largest Pairs Amateur event in South Africa, with more than 85 000 golfers having participated in more than 1 500 qualifying events. In 2017 WGT added Namibia to the event and in 2018 another 5 African Countries. www.wlipsa.co.za

WGT’s goal is to make this a truly International Event by growing the International Pairs to more participating countries.

It has also obtained the rights to the Transatlantic Teams Challenge and envisage growing this event to a fully-fledged Intercontinental Teams Challenge.

WGT foresees adding more events to its portfolio, giving the licensees in each country the opportunity to enhance their profitability streams.