We are thrilled to announce that Loco Services, one of Pakistan’s leading sports management companies, has joined hands with International Pairs, one of the largest and most prestigious pairs golf tournaments in the world. This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone for both organizations as we continue to expand our influence in the global sports arena.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with International Pairs, one of the world’s most prestigious golf tournaments.” said Wing Commander (Retd.) Chairman of Loco Services.

International Pairs is renowned for its competitive spirit and international reach, offering amateur golfers the unique opportunity to compete at an elite level. By partnering with Loco Services, we aim to enhance the tournament experience for participants and bring a new level of professionalism and support to the event.

“We are incredibly excited to have Pakistan join International Pairs under Loco Services, a company that shares our commitment to excellence and passion for sports,” said Gerhard Conradie, Executive Chairman of International Pairs. “This collaboration not only elevates the profile of golf in Pakistan but also provides golfers with the chance to showcase their talents on a global stage. We are committed to supporting amateur golf and ensuring they have the best possible experience in this esteemed tournament.”

The upcoming International Pairs 2024 World Final, set to take place in Tenerife, Spain, promises to be a spectacular event, with participants from all over the world competing for the coveted title. This event will undoubtedly highlight the exceptional talent and sportsmanship of golfers worldwide, further solidifying International Pairs’ reputation as a premier golfing event.

About Loco Services

Loco Services is a premier sports management company dedicated to providing top-tier services to athletes, teams, and sporting events worldwide. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for sports, Loco Services strives to enhance the sporting experience through innovative management solutions and unparalleled support. Their expertise spans a variety of sports, making them a pivotal player in the global sports management industry.

About International Pairs

International Pairs is one of the world’s largest pairs golf tournaments, offering amateur golfers the chance to compete in a professional setting. With a rich history and a reputation for excellence, International Pairs continues to attract golfers from around the globe, fostering a spirit of competition and camaraderie. The tournament’s international reach and competitive environment make it a distinguished event in the world of amateur golf.